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My infatuation with Stink Mitt

How to describe Stink Mitt? Danceable electro-funk hip-hop that turns typical misogynistic rap lyrics on its head. I first heard this female duo "Betti Ford and" "Jenny Craige" in an interview on CBC Radio 3. On the surface one could say they are trying to empower women's sexuality by rapping about turning the tables and being dirty and explicit about their desires; but it really just comes down to everyone's love for immature euphemisms and hardcore lyrics that tickle the funny bone. Really, how can anyone with a perverted sense of humor not love tracks like:

Pinch the Box [audio:pinchbox.mp3]

Bangin' On My Clit [audio:bangclit.mp3]

Tubes Tied [audio:tubestied.mp3]
I'm not a doctor I'm a hip-hop head banger
That's why I won't hold no coat hanger
Don't want your blood all over my trailer
Think you'll save money now but you'll pay much later
Don't you know you're supposed to make them pull out
Cover your whole belly with the sauerkraut
Or suck it in and spit it out
But they can't come inside or you'll end up knocked up

They just released a new album titled "The Red Album" but Rhapsody doesn't have it yet. I'll be bumpin' their first album "Scratch n' Sniff" in the meantime.

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Stick this in your grommet holes


Put those holes in your desk to good use. Use em? That's ok, here's a way to make even better use out of it. Belkin has grommet hole fillers that turn them into usb-hubs or ipod docks. Nifty huh? Only forty bucks.
[via Gizmodo]

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Top 15 Workout Songs

Now that I look at my list of songs off my mp3 player written out - I'm thinking: omg, my taste in music is in the shitter when it comes to work out music. That's ok I guess; I can't be bothered to listen intently to sweeping melodies or clever lyrics while sweating up a storm. Here's my top 15 CURRENT favorite work out songs in no particular order:

  • Deciblast Radio Mix - DJ Apot - Back when I was was really into trance I would download mixes to listen to and this hard trance mix really caught my ear. I bumped this in my car for awhile during my college days. Now I usually listen to this during my cardio workouts
  • ASAP - T.I. - This song grew on me... Slower pacing so I listen to it before I start lifting. The verbage is angry - I love anything where I can sense sincere hate in the vocals
  • Brackish - Kittie [audio:brackish.mp3] - Is it ok to like this song? Fast vocals, heavy guitars and screaming chicks who kinda sound like dudes. This is another lifting song.
  • Cochise - Audioslave - 'nuff said.
  • Cool - M.I.R.V. [audio:cool.mp3] - "I wish I was bad...bad as fuuuck...I wish I was cool...cooler than you" Cheeky lyrics, heavy guitars. MIRV rocks.
  • Disconnected (live 2004) - Face to Face [audio:disconnected.mp3] - Cardio & lifting song, fast, and the lyrics are easy to listen to and really hit home for me.
  • Just Stop - Disturbed - I have no idea what the song is about, just pure angry singing that gets my pumped.
  • Never Enough - Papa Roach [audio:neverenough.mp3] - Probably my #1 lifting song of all time. Never enough. That's me.
  • Soldier - Eminem - Cheesy, but it does the trick.
  • Stain of Mind - Slayer [audio:stainofmind.mp3] - I've been listening to this song since I was 15. I still love it. Lots of aggression.
  • Sticken - Disturbed - See the other Disturbed song
  • The Fight Song - Marilyn Manson - "I'm not a slave, to a god that doesn't exist" Cheesy? Works for me. Anything that pumps me up.
  • The Way I Am - Eminem - See the other Eminem song
  • This Way - Dilated Peoples & Kanye West [audio:thisway.mp3] - Sometimes I ask myself why must I force my body to endure intense pain and duress and the key lyrics for me are "I can't keep living my life...this way" But on the flip side, it also applies to a time in my life where I was a total slob and didn't give a shit about my health and well-being.
  • U Don't Know Me - T.I. - See the other T.I. song.

Song that should be on the list but isn't because I'm too lazy to find it and add it to my mp3 player: Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei - most recognized as the song from Kill Bill. A few years ago while I still lived in the Bay Area I would listen to this song as I walked from a distant parking lot to the gym.

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Whiteboard OUT, Frosted Glass IN


Pottery Barn is selling this sweet white-board alternative for a buck thirty. It kind of has a shadow-box type effect to it because the glass isn't against the wall directly so there is a bit of shadow play. Very attractive and functional!
[via uncrate]

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