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CBC Radio 3

Love this station. CBC Radio 3 on Sirius 94. They play Canadian indie rock and hip-hop. Through them I've discovered a plethora of great bands. Most of the bands I can find on Rhapsody, but occasionally I find a gem that isn't.

Listen to Great Aunt Ida - We Say No

Download the CBC Radio 3 podcasts for an introduction to great indie from our friends up North.

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Missing Month

Where did December go? I haven't given this blog a true update in awhile. Foom is right - I should just consolidate my music blog and personal blog - the music contest blog from work is over anyway and I got my two hundred bucks.

Things that happened in December - worth documenting? Probably not, but I feel compelled to share anyway.

  • Got an electric tooth brush - Braun Oral-B 8550: Basically an 8000 series brush and the only difference between other 8000s are what the package includes. So far I haven't noticed a big change in the visible look of my teeth, the brush does seem to help me brush longer because of the 30-second indicators. Pretty much a brush for the lazy, no longer do I have to lean on my counter with my other hand when manual brushing.
  • Long nights of xbox360 - Gears of War and
    Rainbow Six: Vegas. Fuck yeah these games are good. We convinced about
    6 of our friends to get xboxes so we always have someone to play with
  • Stopped going to the gym - I blame the xbox, and a nagging cold, but it comes down to broken discipline
  • Got sick - What the hell is wrong with me. If I work out too hard I get sick. If I don't work out and stay home to play xbox I get sick too. Could be stress? There was definitely work stress at the end of the year/beginning of Jan, and that was a major contributor. I think I also take some hobbies too seriously that I get stressed out over them. In R6 and GoW I want to win so bad I stress myself out trying to coordinate my team. Same shit with working out at the gym - trying to lift with so much intensity that it's like I'm striving to burst a jugular at the end of every set. I've resolved to take my hobbies less seriously and work on some active stress management. Deep breathing, and generally just try to not focus so intensely on what I'm doing.

Another lesson learned recently: Rape-jokes don't go over so well with strangers. C'mon, I thought everyone would find that the "rape isn't funny......unless you're getting raped by a clown" line funny. Whatever, I'm just an immature sociopath who needs therapy.

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Check this out

Buddy told me about this cool plug-in.

Check out this song I wrote about on my music blog?

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