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Lies. I do not have any new trends to report on. I just needed another word and it sounded nice. Help! I've been addicted to Yelp! Somehow able to recall details of my dining experiences. More astute than removed I am? It's like my mini blog, I'm just happy to be writing. Went biking this weekend, reminded me why I did it all summer: serenity. Like being on a fixed race track, nothing in my head except for what line I need to take. Bumps elict giggles and woots, I'm getting better at taking the jolts. I'm worried though. Will I eventually find it boring? Rain is coming. My bro got xbox360 to keep us company. 1080i HD gaming bliss, chopping zombie heads, punching sweat off online combatants, taking ass and kicking names-err wait? and table tennis. Arcade games too! I'll pay a few clams for old school street fighter and let foom wail on me. House is coming along nicely, see the flickr  (look RIGHT -->)

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The Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews Band

Tuesday Oct 17th: My first time seeing the Stones. My first time seeing DMB. My first time at Qwest field. Truely a Holy-shit-what-an-experience!-moment made all the sweeter because they were free tickets from work. I admit I fell asleep during Dave Matthews. He sounds like crap sorry. Maybe his album stuff is better? His music was a drowning sea of muddled noise made worse by his "singing."

When the Stones took the stage - BADOOM! fireworks, cheers and hip gyrations galore! Mick was all over the stage, running up and down the walkways, jumping, screaming, shaking, and all the while singing with stunning geriatric might. Played tons of songs I did not recognize (honestly, I'm not that big of a Stones fan), but they did play my favorite song "Paint It Black."

Very cool stage. Huge video screen above the stage, and then a portion of the stage would roll down the aisle, so all the band would be playing on a moving stage. Keith Richards and Ron Wood were awesome as well. Keith didn't look as bad as does in photos. Maybe it was the makeup, but he didn't look like he was going to keel over and die anytime soon. Keith sang a few song, most seemed to be of blues-influence. Soporific mini-set. Thankfully Mick came back and rocked the crowd.

Seeing bands perform in a stadium is certainly a strange experience. A definite 'disconnect' is experienced when compared to a regular sized venue. Maybe it's because we sat in the upper-upper-upper section and they looked like tiny honey-i-shrunk-the-stones sized people, but I think I would have felt the same even if I was on the floor seating. often do you get to see the fuckin' Stones, man?! They clearly love performing so I can't imagine them stopping, therefore I probably can't proclaim "hey man, I saw one of their last shows right before so-and-so died." What a racket. The Stones probably claim every single tour is their "last-tour" so they can guarantee the money will keep rolling in! Geniuses.

pics are from various users on flickr.

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zomg 10ct06 already

Changed the theme like the season is changing to...fall. Change is good, but not much to report back on sir- same ol' same ol' hit the gym hard, feel sick and shitty for a week, rinse repeat until work becomes too busy. I need a temp to work for me- I'm going to go nuts if I keep up this pace. Like a Rat, not the goo-kind but the run-in-a-cage-till-something-must-change. In a endless series of ruts that only small material purchases can elicit my excitement; and the occassional large purchase (tires?? no, a house.) Nervous anxious and way in over my head - can one survive on ramen and omelettes? Perchance my bro will take care of my dinner meals and I will take care of cleaning his home: Mr. Maid, music while vacuuming but not in drag ala doubtfire. I become more hypochrondriacish with each day- the dry air saps moisture from me so I bought a humidifier ($150!!, excitement! reviews! that's it?...apathy...) I'll make sure I stay moister than my palms during CS - kick it up a notch and have moisture dripping off the ceiling into my open mouth while I snore. Tasty.

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Ben Kweller 9/30/06 at the Showbox

I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets to the Ben Kweller show from a colleague of mine so Heather and I checked it out. Heather never heard of Ben Kweller but she ended up liking him very much. Ben's music is very accessible and I can't imagine anyone hating it with passion. Sometimes I find that kind of music a bit too mainstream and bland, but seeing Ben Kweller's energy definitely made the show very enjoyable. I can't help but see him and Shaun White as one and the same person though...
Overall the show was very fun despite the fact that I was threatened to be kicked out if I continued to "film" again. I can't help that my digital camera looks like a camcorder!
The real kicker was having a picture I took used on one of my favorite blogs: Seattlest. Check out their entry on Ben Kweller.

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