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Table Tennis, Bonus, Backpack

My boss walked into my office this morning and I panicked as I struggled to close my web browser. Good thing she was there to tell me good news: I got a nice bonus for the quarter! My first instinct was to hop on my favorite deal site (, SAC, but I calmed down and affirmed to myself that I would put most of it in my Roth IRA. Even so, a half hour ago I bought a backpack off SAC because I don't have a backpack that would be good for hiking/camping, at least, not a "true," hiking daypack.

I didn't get much work done today because of all the day-dreaming I was doing about how to spend my bonus money and the fact that it was the championship table tennis game at my company. There was a month-long tournement that culminated to today's final game. It was between the Chinese guy in the white shirt and a white guy in the black shirt and headband. The game ended at 4-3 with the final point going to the guy in black off a deuce point! Intense! Tons of cheering and it seemed like half the company was watching at different times during the game.

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Kelly Sweet

My company threw a impromptu party today. Not really a formal bash, but since there was beer aplenty I call it a party.? Through our close ties to record labels, Razor & Tie sent over Kelly Sweet to perform for us. She just turned 18, so I made sure to sit in the front row to wink and mouth dirty phrases to her while she sang. She sang some nice ballads and even sang a song in Italian.

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Saw the Editors yesterday at Easy Street Records with Pat and Sherri. Rocked my face off. Nice intimate venue and the emo kids and scene whores didn't totally ruin the experience. They played a short set with 4 songs off their latest cd and 1 new song. I would describe their sound as indie with an explicit post-punk influence. The singing style sounds very similar to Joy Division's late Ian Curtis. Tom Smith's onstage mannerisms were very cool: the way he writhes when singing and the way he flails and jerks about on stage screamed postpunk/new wave to me. Contact me if you want hear their CD - or just click the link above and listen on Rhapsody for free.

Video of Editors performing "Munich"
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Poor car

Look what I saw on the way into work this morning. I must have looked like an asshole with my cell phone out, taking a picture haha

By the way, I made some new posts, but dated them on the date the event occured, so be sure to go "back" and check them out.

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