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Guster show

Went to see Guster at University of Puget Sound (the hip students call it UPS). Felt like a kid again being amongst so many students. I never heard of Guster until Pat introduced them to me. At first I didn't really like them because they sounded like a generic "adult alternative," band, but the fact that their drummer is a percussionist who plays the bongos is pretty unique. Pat was saying how much he wanted to see them live so I surprised him one day by buying 3 tickets, in case his girlfriend wanted to come too. She couldn't make it so Jayme came instead. It's cool that she is always willing to see shows and check out bands she's never heard of.

Guster at UPS 3/29/06?Guster at UPS 3/29/06?Guster at UPS 3/29/06

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